Kitchen Hand Resume in Australia

A kitchen hand is someone who helps and assist mainly in the day to day activities of a commercial kitchen. Although this job is not known in circles, it is a widely in-demand job in Australia. Most of the time when recruiters are on the search for a Kitchen Hand, they post jobs on online. But the biggest concerns of recruiters and employers is that almost all the resumes which they receive for this position are the same. Much like as if its copy pasted material hence creating a difficult time for the employers to find genuinely good candidates for this position.

Now what are the special ingredients which constitute a well drafted kitchen hand resume? Lets find out!

A Kitchen Hand Resume should have:

Professional Summary
A well-defined professional summary of his experience working in the kitchen, how many years he she has been in this position, what are some of the tasks which he she excels at and what are their educational qualification.

Skill Set
Skill set is most likely the most important section in a Kitchen Hand Resume. Recruiters and employers are specifically going to look over that before making a shortlisting decision. Some of the key skills required for a kitchen hand are: Food Preparation & Storage, Cleaning and Washing dishes and Utensils, Keeping the premises clean. Knife skills for cutting vegetables and meats, recipe preparation, sauces and dressing skills.

Tasks and Responsibilities of a Kitchen Hand
The next section includes what are generally the key responsibilities, duties or tasks performed by a kitchen hand. For example,

  • Maintain kitchen inventory.
  • Maintain the bar and make sure its inventory is ample including assisting the bartenders.
  • Maintain and keep the kitchen clean and make sure everything is spot on.
  • Help in serving meals if required.
  • Can handle and prepare food and drinks if required.

As you can see from the above tasks and responsibilities that mainly a kitchen hand assists in almost all of the tasks which are carried out in the kitchen, but his main role is to make sure that the inventory of all the raw good, produce and things required in a commercial kitchen are maintained. At the same time a kitchen hand is also required to help with the bar service and assist the bartender if and when needed. His main role is apparently to make sure that the kitchen remains spotless and clean. He can sometimes be called for helping with the food preparation if the kitchen is short of staff. It would also help if the kitchen hand has prior experience of working as a waiter in a kitchen because then he can help with serving the meals.

The education of a kitchen hand is not necessarily the key point in a kitchen hand resume, because this is not something which the hiring manager is looking for when looking to fill this position, however having said this it would be really handy to have some certifications in the restaurant industry and having a basic level college education.

As you can see that a kitchen hand resume has to be very precise and accurate. The biggest challenge as already identified is the replication of the same formats and data. Recruiters are quick to recognize where copy paste is done and that leaves you open to the risk of not being hired. If you think you can not draft a resume by yourself, you can get professional help for drafting your kitchen hand resume in Australia from several resume writing companies online. The best option is to invest in getting professional help as the return on such an investment will be huge and you will not regret getting help from a resume writing service.

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