Top 10 Professions in Australia Who Need To Get Their Resumes

Why a professional resume writing services is a must for these obs in Australia

Resume writing can be a very challenging task if you have never had experience of writing a resume by yourself. The biggest challenge when writing a resume is that you have all the information and a very clear idea about who you are and where you want to be, but the resume writers know how to place that information precisely and effectively in a two-page document.

Much like the example of an architect who can design and plan a great layout for designing your home, yet you have to live their resume writers are the architects of your career profile and your public image which the recruiters and the world can see at large.

Resume writing services in Australia are available in abundant, the biggest problem which is faced by people who take services from these companies is that they outsource their drafting services at a very low cost to underdeveloped countries and charge hefty prices from people residing in Australia.
In this article we will discuss some of the key positions which exist in Australia, but the employers and recruiters always complain about receiving very bland and copy pasted resumes from candidates. Although these resumes will be discussed in detail however I will list them here and we will post them in 3 parts so all the specific categories can get a justified amount of time.

Some of the top 10 key resumes are:
1. Kitchen Hand Resume in Australia
2. Referee Resume in Australia
3. Barista Resume in Australia
4. Chef Resume in Australia
5. Hospitality Resume in Australia
6. Waitress Resume in Australia
7. Receptionist Resume in Australia
8. Retail Resume in Australia
9. Retail Assistant Resume in Australia
10. Sales Assistant Resume in Australia

In part one of this series we will cover the first three resumes mentioned, so here goes:

Kitchen Hand Resume in Australia

A kitchen hand is someone who works in a Kitchen and mostly helps with jobs around the kitchen, some of the key areas of a kitchen hands work includes Food preparation, Kitchen cleanliness, Preparing ingredients and Food handling. A kitchen hand’s resume in Australia should include a brief job profile of his or her working experience of working in a kitchen, how he she was assisting around the kitchen, how they were helping the dishes to be prepared. A general outline of a kitchen hand resume should look like this:

  • Career Summary
  • Skill Set
  • Tasks & Duties
  • Job Profile
  • Educational Achievements

Although this outline can be applied to most resumes however this should be the minimal which a resume of a kitchen hand should constitute.

Referee Resume in Australia

Referee’s can belong to any competitive sports such as soccer, football or hockey and basketball among many others. The main purpose of a referee is to ensure that the game being played is disciplined and everyone follows the rules. They are basically responsible for making sure that rules and regulations and the framework of the game is being followed.

Now a referee’s resume can have many different aspects, because it may vary from sport to sport. Hence the challenge for building a resume for a referee in Australia would be to look into the specific sport being played and get creative about it. A referee’s resume may include some extra sections such as physical expertise, exposure to physical and high intensity routines and so forth.

Coming to the final section of part 1 of our series on 10 most in demand resumes for Australian market we have the Barista Resume

Barista Resume in Australia

A Barista resume can be a very hefty challenge to draft, first of all it would require the upkeep and maintenance of the bar, deep knowledge of drinks, having a strong temperament and so on. The list is endless. A resume for people who deal with customers directly has to be very strong and customer centric. A strong emphasis of being upbeat all the time. Barista resumes are easy to draft but very difficult to set apart from the rest of the crowd. You might need professional resume writing services in cases involving a barista resume.


In this part we discussed resumes of Kitchen hand, referee’s and baristas. Evidently enough some of our stats reflect that these are some of the most in demand professions where there is a dire need by these people to get their resumes drafted. The best option for people in these professionals is to get professional resume writing services or get the help of professional resume writers.

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